Shanlie Wolter

Shanlie Wolter, owner and operator of Silhouettes & Such, is a self-taught, free-hand silhouette artist, working in traditional 18th century style. When creating a portrait, her artistic eye and steady hand enable her to cut an intricate likeness of her sitter’s profile within just a few minutes. No tracing, drawing ahead of time or digital alterations are involved in her work.
     Shanlie's love of silhouettes began in early childhood. She has been collecting antique silhouettes and cut-paper art since her teens. She began creating her own shadow portraits in ink in 2010, and later transitioned into the traditional cut-paper method of silhouetting. In her free time, she now travels throughout the Southeastern United States, cutting portraits in person at historic reenactments, educational events, modern retail shops, fine art festivals and at public and private events. She also operates an online shop, cutting silhouettes (by way of photograph or video chat), for customers all over the world.

     Shanlie lives in rural Alabama with her two daughters.

She is a full-time Children's Librarian and former art teacher. 

She loves Halloween and enjoys travel, art history, gardening and fishing.

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