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  • What type of photo do I need to order my silhouettes?
    To make your silhouette, you'll need to take a photo in profile of the subject. It doesn't have to be fancy! Just a clear image snapped with your phone will do. When taking a photograph, please follow these guidelines so that we can cut the most accurate portrait possible. -Take a profile shot of the subject, at their eye level. -Be sure the subject is looking straight ahead, with a relaxed expression and lips closed. -Include the subject's full head/hair and shoulders. -If possible, a simple background is best. (For example, against a wall or solid curtain.) *If photographing a wiggly child, we always suggest that you catch them while they are watching a video or enlist help from someone to catch their attention. It'll make your job much easier. *If photographing an animal, enlist help from someone to catch their attention with a treat or toy. Below are two good example photos.
  • How do I submit a photo for my silhouette?
    Silhouettes are cut of individual subjects using a reference photo. Once you place your order, you'll need to submit a photo for us to work from. You can submit photos through our site contact page or send them directly to When sending your emails please include -Your photos -Your name -The name of the subject in the photograph. For children, also include their age. -Any specific requests or changes you'd like made to your completed silhouette that deviates from your reference photo. (For example, if you'd like to change a hairstyle, please let us know!)
  • I can't take a profile photo of the subject! Can you use candid photos?
    We understand that taking the perfect profile photo isn't an option. Sometimes we're able to create a "composite silhouette" of a subject, using a small collection of photos. Please contact us before placing your order if you're unable to take current profile photos of your subject.
  • Do you make copies of silhouettes?
    When you place an order for a silhouette, you can also order exact copies, or duplicates for only $10.00 each. Once you add your first silhouette in the size that you'd like to your cart, go to the "Duplicate Silhouette" listing and choose the number of duplicate copies you'd like. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions before placing your order! Duplicate copies can only be purchased in conjunction with an original, full price silhouette.
  • Do you travel for events?
    We do! We love to travel and happily book events worldwide.
  • What types of events do you cut silhouettes at?
    We cut silhouettes at all types of venues and events! The following list gives examples of event's we've booked in the past, but if you have something different in mind, please reach out to us. Special Occasions Wedding Receptions Baby Showers Bridal Showers Family Reunions Birthday Parties Tea Parties Class Reunions Galas Corporate Events Business Parties Graduation Parties Educational Events Museums Historic Sites Living History Library Programs Schools & Universities Conferences Arts Events Museums Festivals Maker's Markets Schools & Universities Retail Events Pop-Up Shops Sales and Promos
  • Do you participate in Living History Events?
    Yes, they're our favorite! Silhouettes & Such has participated in historic reenactments and living history events since 2016. We focus on 1700's America and have a full kit, including historically accurate clothing, tent space and accoutrements. We can participate as a demonstrator, vendor, or a combination of the two. We are also equipped to participate in 1800's Civilian/Pioneer and Roaring 20's-era events.
  • Are silhouettes right for my event?
    Having a silhouette artist at your event is almost always an excellent addition! When considering booking, please do keep in mind these constraints. Lighting For evening and nighttime events, your artist will need adequate light to work by. Weather Silhouettes are a paper craft, and any threat of rain will spoil your guest's sitting. Be sure to have a dry, covered space for them if planning an outdoor event. Number of Guests We can usually serve all of your guests, but if you're planning to host 100+ guests, you may elect to engage an additional silhouettist. If scheduling allows, Silhouettes & Such is happy to arrange a companion artist for your event, if you want to ensure the maximum number of guests are served during your large event.
  • What are you rates?
    Below are some general details on our booking policies. We create quotes on an individual basis, so please contact us to discuss your event details. -Our busiest seasons are Spring and Fall. While we often have last minute availability, we suggest securing your date at least 6 months in advance, if possible. -Events are booked for a minimum engagement of two hours. -We cut silhouettes at an hourly rate, not per portrait. -We typically invoice for any travel expenses for clients located outside Mobile County, Alabama, USA. -We require a non-refundable deposit to secure a date. Your deposit is applied to the balance of your invoice.
  • What is a silhouette and where did they come from?
    Artists create silhouettes in a myriad of ways- with paint, ink, paper, photography, digital media, carved and sculpted. By definition, a silhouette is "the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background, especially in dim light" or, as a verb, to "cast or show (someone or something) as a dark shape and outline against a lighter background". The silhouetted portrait as we traditionally recognize it now, a dark bust in profile, was developed and became wildly popular in Europe and the United States during the 18th and 19th Centuries. Early on they were called "shades", "shadow portraits", "miniature portraits", "shadowgraphs", etc. The name "silhouette" was adopted later, coined by the prolific French silhouettist, Augustin Edouart. As the tools of the trade (mass produced scissors) became more affordable and accessible, the method of freehand cut paper portraiture grew in popularity; first, as a parlor trick and hobbyist craft, and later, as a lucrative trade for a host of talented artists. Cut paper silhouettes were very inexpensive, accessible and quick. Most professional freehand silhouettist's could create a portrait in about a minute. During this period, just before the first cameras were invented, silhouettes were as close to having a snapshot taken as you could get. With the arrival of practical photography (around the mid-1800's), and as with all trends, silhouettes eventually waned in popularity, but they retain their appeal to this day. Today, visual artists continue to create beautiful silhouettes, using all sorts of media, but very few individuals (some estimate less than 100 individuals currently working worldwide) take the time to master the art of the traditional, freehand cut method. A freehand silhouettist must spend years studying faces and training their brain and hands to "draw with scissors". With so few artists working, nearly all are self-taught. When you purchase a silhouette from Silhouettes & Such, you're supporting such an artist, as we use historically accurate methods to produce our modern silhouettes.
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