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This listing is for one single-subject silhouette, cut from a page from a vintage or antique book.

The perfect gift for any bibliophile! 
We cut silhouettes in the traditional style- there is no drawing, tracing, or digital alteration involved in our work. Using only paper and scissors, we freehand cut an accurate likeness within minutes, just as artisans did in the eighteenth century.

When adding this listing to your cart, be sure to select either a page from an adult book or children's book, to be used when cutting your portrait. If you'd like a page from a specific title, please contact us. We are happy to do our best to accomidate your request!
Each silhouette will be sent to you signed by the artist, dated, and mounted on 4x6 matte black silhouette paper. 

*Framed product image is for marketing purposes. Your silhouette will arrive unframed. 

4x6 Freehand Cut Vintage Book Page Silhouette

SKU: 0008
  • When you place an order, we use a photo of the subject (you or your loved one).

    When taking a photograph, please follow these guidelines so that we can cut the most accurate portrait possible and refer to the example photos in our FAQ section. If you have any questions or would like an example photo, please contact us. Please send your photos via email to or through the Silhouettes & Such site contact form.

    -Take a profile shot of the subject, at their eye level.

    -Be sure the subject is looking straight ahead, with a relaxed expression and lips closed.

    -Include the subjects full head/hair and shoulders.

    *If photographing a wiggly child, we always suggest that you catch them while they are watching a video or enlist help from someone who can capture the child's attention. It'll make your job much easier!

    *We are sometimes able to work with a candid photo, but please contact me before placing your order.

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